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Join the Life Share Network Sponsor Team and become partner with us through financial gifts that will enable us to impact the world and change lives with the message of the Kingdom of God. Clearly finances play an important part in the world being reached with the Good News of Jesus Christ. That is why we believe that you can help us to make a difference. Our work is fully depending on support of people, who partner with us and support individual projects or our full time workers. 

Your donations will be used to:
- Support a christian school and an house for children coming from prostitutes tribes (India).
- Reaching poor and needy in Europe, India and Africa.
- Financing Church planters and workers in India.
- Supporting our full time church planters and their ministry costs in Europe.

Benefits for financial partnership:
- Investing into God’s Kingdom brings back blessings to your own life (Luke 6:38).
- You are a part of an effective and powerful movement of God to bring life-changing blessings to others.
- As a non-profit association we can confirm your payments that you can declare as reduction in your tax forms (in Switzerland).

Thank you for supporting Life Share Network and it’s fulltime workers and for trusting us. With your help it is possible to continue our work. 

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